Why Senior Leadership Need Wellbeing Too

As senior leaders employee wellbeing is a hot topic. We want our people to feel happy, motivated, and healthy. Yet we often neglect ourselves.

So when our SLT decided to introduce team building for the SLT I was incredibly excited. Not only was this an opportunity to get to know my coworkers better, it was also a chance for us to manage our own wellbeing too.

The great thing about working for an organisation like Exposure Ninja is that everyone is cared for. And that way everyone is motivated and excited to do their best.

Today our SLT got together to play a game of Among Us. Only two members of the team had played before. And it was apparent!

Our Head of PPC managed to get caught in the act of killing crew mates on two occasions. We managed to let the ship blow up a couple of times. And no one could work out why our Digital Marketing Manager had managed to lock us out of different rooms.

But it was fun. And it was an hour of decompressing after some really tough months.

I’ll certainly be adding it to the list of team building activities I do for my own department. It’s a refreshing change from the usual activities I come up with!

Employee wellbeing is highly important, particularly in remote workplaces. But this is true for all levels including your senior leaders. Don’t forget to practice what you preach!

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