Why I’m Not Seeking Change

Gosh recently I can’t stop hearing about people wanting to make a change. New home. New job. New partner. New lifestyle.

I get it. The last year has definitely been a magnifying glass on how we choose to live. The restrictive nature of our lives has only highlighted our discontent. The lack of distraction makes reality almost impossible to hide from.

So what else can we do but make a change?

I’m not one to encourage staying in a situation that makes us unhappy. But I do recognise that something will always feel uncomfortable. And as circumstances change new things will be uncomfortable too.

And whilst the thought of returning to an office sounds very desirable, I keep reminding myself how awful the commute is. How irritating office furniture can be. And how bloody boring office politics soon get.

I’m lucky to have a great marriage. I’ve worked alongside my husband for five years now and we still get along brilliantly. My secret? Remembering that I can be bloody annoying sometimes but it’s just part of who I am. Why should I set higher standards for anyone else?

And as for my home? I just redecorate when I need a change. Granted these last 12 months have been a bit more excessive than usual. We’ve had a new kitchen fitted, redecorated our office and dining room, and are now embarking on another project. But it’s home and it’s where we belong.

So I’m not changing anything. Except my attitude. I’m looking at life with a new perspective. Less racing forward and more enjoying the moment.

Have a good self reflection session before you make a change. You might find new perspective!

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