10 Unique Ways to Boost Your Digital Profile

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I’m taking responsibility for my digital profile by ensuring I present the best version of me online. This doesn’t mean I’m flashing cash like the Rich Kids of Instagram, nor am I humblebragging my way through Twitter. I’m simply presenting a strong professional identity through blogging, social media and other online communication.  If you are an online persona or simply somebody wanting to strengthen your career prospects, you need to boost your digital profile.

What is a Digital Profile?

I define a digital profile as “a number of ways a person is represented online”. For example, consider this article on digital tattoos and virtual shadows. There are positive and negative effects of an increasingly online society. By taking control of your digital profile you can ensure you present a positive image of yourself online.

The Best Digital Profile Examples

Rand Fishkin is a popular digital marketing expert and the brains behind Moz. He’s frequently quoted online and writes numerous successful articles on digital marketing. He’s positioned himself as the go-to expert in his industry.

Marie Forleo has created an online persona that resonates with ambitious businesswomen. She maintains a human approach to her work, which appeals to prospective entrepreneurs who are able to see themselves in her. Her online persona is real and genuine.

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10 Ways to Boost Your Digital Profile

  1. Get yourself a professional looking profile picture
    A poor profile image can ruin your online persona. Ensure your image is professional looking, as well as being “human”. Avoid images of you drinking, smoking, or looking miserable.
  2.  Be careful with your words
    I’ve written about the importance of maintaining a professional online persona. Keeping thing professional yet human is a key way to boost your digital profile.
  3. Keep your CV up to date
    Ensure your CV is regularly updated and includes your social media profiles and blog URLs. You should also include any guest posts or articles you have written.
  4. Get your personal brand on Twitter
    Put together an amazing Twitter profile and interact professionally with other Twitter users in your industry. Twitter is also a great way to find guest blogging opportunities that will get your name out there.
  5. Embrace Instagram
    Get yourself onto Instagram and represent yourself with amazing photos. Instagram is the opportunity for you to show the best of the “real you”. Just don’t make it too real.
  6. Optimise your LinkedIn Profile
    Ensure you have a well-optimised LinkedIn profile that links to your blog and guest posts. Keep it regularly updated with your latest achievements.
  7. Connect with key influencers
    Find key influencers within your niche and connect with them. Build relationships and even ask for mentoring. Moving into their social networks will help boost your digital profile and build your online reputation.
  8. Establish a niche expertise
    Position yourself as an expert within your niche. My own niche, for example, is digital marketing specifically aimed at the blogging community, although I also work in SEO for SMEs. To build on this reputation I’ve written guest posts such as my Beginner’s Guide to SEO For Bloggers. I also tweet about industry news and have a network of bloggers that I communicate with online.
  9. Don’t ignore Google+
    It’s a strange part of social media that is ignored by many. Despite this, I’d alway recommend embracing Google+ if you are building your digital profile. Get your account set up and share your articles and blog posts on there.
  10. Get your facts right
    You may have heard the recent news surrounding Jack Monroe’s libel case against Katie Hopkins. Kate used social media to falsely accuse Jack of supporting the vandalisation of war memorials. Katie had identified the wrong person. Jack won the libel case costing Katie over £300,000 in legal fees and compensation. Don’t be Katie Hopkins.

Many factors affect your digital profile so it’s important to ensure you keep on top of them. Regularly reviewing your social media accounts, keeping control of what is written about you, and strengthening your online networks will help to establish you as an industry expert. Use my guide to audit your online persona and appear in the search engine results in the way you intend to.


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