Friday Work Drinks

When I first started working remotely I really missed Friday work drinks to kick off the weekend. It felt weird just ending my day and doing bloody nothing to celebrate.

And yet it took sobriety to reintroduce this ritual back into my life.

Before I decided to stop drinking alcohol a Friday night drink was limited to a stress relief drink. If the week was tough then a drink was had. It was not a celebration of the weekend. It was a write off of the week.

My decision to stop drinking was led by this. I naturally associated a glass of wine with feeling overwhelmed. So being offered a drink at dinner suddenly started to remind me of feeling stressed. So I stopped. Which for me was an easy switch.

Initially my plan was to remove the association between stress and drink. But the longer I remained sober, the more I felt I didn’t really care to drink.

This led me back to wanting my Friday work drinks. But this time I was going to celebrate alcohol free. I built up a collection of Lyres alcohol free spirits and stocked my wine rack with alcohol free sauvignon blanc.

And now every Friday after work I make myself a cocktail or pour a glass of wine. I sit with my husband and chat about the week. And I’m ready for a fantastic weekend.

I definitely recommend trying sober celebrations for people who work remotely.

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