Aren’t First Blog Posts Rubbish?

A woman trying to reasearch her first blog post before giving up and writing an about me post

A guilty pleasure of mine. Going to a long time established blog, and seeking out the first blog post to read.

Some are pretty good, written as though the blogger had been blogging for decades. But most are terrible. Not at the fault of the blogger. Blogs two, three, and four are normally awesome. But the whole first blog post thing is just a pain. Do I introduce myself? Do I say welcome to my blog? Do I acknowledge that this is my first blog post? Or do I simply write as though it is just another blog post in a sea of many?

A woman writing her first blog post

Here is my suggestion – EMBRACE THE TERRIBLE FIRST BLOG POST. It’s a rite of passage. Like the high school photos, that you posed for in a Victoria Beckham fashion, it will remain a long-term reminder of the fact that you aren’t always as cool as you think.

So true to my word, my first blog post will be rubbish. Vague (because I don’t have a clue what I want to write about yet), erratic (because I’ve been let loose with a publishing medium), and probably a bit boring (because really, who needs to read this stuff?).

First blog post tradition – a bit about me

You may have heard of me from my dear friend Vicki, over at the best lifestyle and mummy blog – Honest Mum. She’s been suggesting I start a blog for a while and I’ve finally sat down and done it. If you want to know more about me I’d recommend the Wonderful Woman interview I did. I’ve also written an informative post on SEO for bloggers which I hope has helped many.

Mum Life

I’m a mum of two. Both boys. They’re nice kids, one is quiet and one is noisy. As the only woman in the house, I get to be both the servant and the queen, depending on their mood.

I’m also married to fellow SEO specialist Andy. He’s a tall guy with a big beard. He knows lots about lots. And he’s currently doing a degree in Astrophysics. He’s useful because he helps me to solve those little math problems you have to do to prove you’re not a robot.

I also own a husky. When you join the exclusive society of husky owners, it changes you. You suddenly understand the purpose of sticky rollers. You stop leaving food out on the kitchen counter. And you become obsessed with huskies. They’re a fascinating and hilarious breed. Anyway, Tink (that’s her name), was a rescued dog. She’s two and she’s gorgeous. Tink is also trying to de-throne me from my position as house queen. She won’t win that battle!

Work Life

Work-wise I’m in digital marketing. I currently lead an SEO team over at the awesome digital marketing agency Exposure Ninja. I love it – it’s the best job I’ve ever had. I’m working from home with my beardy husband. And I have some of the greatest friends from across the globe. Remote working is fantastic – if you ever get the opportunity go for it! You’ll not regret it. I’ve worked in marketing for around 11 years now, with a brief interlude to stay at home with the kids. It changes a lot. I like change, though, so that’s no hardship.

Other (not so) interesting things for my first blog post

  • I like coffee – of course I like coffee, I work in marketing
  • I have big hair
  • I’m really competitive – especially with my husband
  • I sometimes lie about my age (I’ve been known to knock ten years off before)
  • I need control or I’ll get annoyed
  • I occasionally homebrew
  • I don’t cook though

Thankfully this painful experience is over. All I can suggest now is that you sign up to my mailing list in the hope that something good will come out of it. I’m hoping it will.


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