What’s Been Happening? Decorating, Dogs, and Women in Business

A fall feast

Things have been crazy busy in the land of Tuxford. Back in March, our one dog household became a two dog household with the introduction of Archer to the fold. He’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, totally adorable, and a trophy collector. Tink is very bossy with him, but super loving too.

My two sons finished their year at school. Both had fantastic reports and came out of the year feeling great about their achievements. We also celebrated Jack’s birthday. He’s now a grown up seven-year-old.

I’ve been promoted at Exposure Ninja. I’m now managing our Project Management team. I’ve been in my new post for a month now. It’s great being able to work directly with our clients and help them to establish fantastic online businesses. I’ve been with EN for a full year now and have never looked back!

We’re continually decorating

We’ve been in our home for a year and a half now. It really feels like it’s time to start decorating the house completely. We’ve done our first living room and we’ve now started working on the bigger family living room. This is the room I work from, so I’m really eager to turn in into a place of perfection!

We’ve painted the walls a gorgeous light purple shade. added a small fire, and found some gorgeous bright floral curtains. We’ve still got a way to go with this room (including laying new flooring), but it’s starting to feel like a really great room. You know I’ll be doing my best work from that room!

I’m really enjoying seeing more female founded businesses

Yesterday evening I attended the opening event for a friend’s new shop Tallulah and Delilah. The store sells fabulous retro clothing and accessories and is owned by a mother of two who lives just down the street from me. It’s so satisfying to see women like her following their dreams and creating a business they love.

I want to see more mothers embracing their careers, starting businesses, and rocking the world of work. It’s inspiring to watch.

And if you’ve not already listened to it, why not check out my recent podcast with business woman and mother Alison May? Her story of taking Brocante Home from a hobby to a full-time business is absolutely inspiring.

So what does the future hold?

Well, the short answer – lots! The longer answer?

We’re going to Majorca next month for a family vacation. I’m looking forward to the last of the Spanish sun and enjoying a few cocktails by the pool. The dogs will be enjoying another stay at Babbington Boarding Home, who also own the rescue centre where we adopted Tink.

I’ll continue to get some great results at work. I have a fantastic team of project managers who are loved by our clients. I’ll be working with them to offer a fantastic service.

We’ll be completing the family living room update and then moving onto the kitchen. We’ve still not agreed on the unit style so will be taking a look at some kitchens once we get back from our vacation.

And the boys are back to school on Wednesday. I’ll be putting together some new healthy lunchbox ideas for them. Sandwiches can get so monotonous!!!

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