Being Professional in an Online World

Coffee and notepad for the professional online

As a member of the digital marketing industry, my online persona is as important to me as my offline persona. So it’s key for me to be professional online without being robotic or dull. Who can forget the HUGE online blunder of PR professional Justine Sacco? That one unfortunate tweet destroyed her reputation and fundamentally […]

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Routines Are Not Soul Destroying

Set up your work day with great routines

When I had a little baby I bought a book by an author called Gina Ford. Now, if you’re a mum you probably know which book I’m talking about and are groaning at the thought. This particular book was advocating getting your baby into a routine. And I was obsessed with it. Routines were my […]

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Aren’t First Blog Posts Rubbish?

A woman trying to reasearch her first blog post before giving up and writing an about me post

A guilty pleasure of mine. Going to a long time established blog,¬†and seeking out the first blog post to read. Some are pretty good, written as though the blogger had been blogging for decades. But most are terrible. Not at the fault of the blogger. Blogs two, three, and four are normally awesome. But the […]

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